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Your Vision

Clarifying the larger vision leads to the discovery of new opportunities.

Your Goals

Audacifying your goals leads to alignment which allows you to blast through limitations.

Your Strategy

Developing a strategy based on the previous two steps leads to precision and efficiency.

Hi, I'm Melissa


By the time I was 30 years old I had become a mother, gotten married, divorced, and developed 10+ unique companies of my own. Midway through the pandemic, I made the excruciating decision to exit 4 of the brands I was still operating.

One of my clients said, “It seems like you’ve lived 50 different lives.”

She was joking, but it’s this life and business experience that allows me to inspire, motivate, and push my clients to reach for the things they only allow themselves to dream about.

More About Me


Clarify your vision, launch your business and strategy creation to make it happen. We will be having coaching sessions and educating to make this happen.

AF Mentorship starts by us looking at each other as comrades instead of competitors. It starts with us being so secure in our own capabilities that the successes of other women are reason for celebration, not evidence of less available opportunity.

- Highlight Episode on my podcast
- Access to a community of audacious founders
- Access to AF mastermind
- Discount on Coaching Packages
- Priority access to events plus discounts
- Opportunity to co-host events
- Promotion/Referrals/Lead Generation.

Monthly $32 / $349 yearly

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Clarifying the larger vision leads to increased opportunities 

You don't have to have a degree in business to build a successful one. AF Mentorship will help you remain accountable and make the best possible decisions for you and your company. 

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Elvira Bakalbasic

"I love that Melissa channels so much confidence and power – it inspired me to work with her and learn. I wanted to live more fearlessly, and she helps me cultivate that within myself."

Charlotte Couturier

"I loved working with Melissa!! I was feeling very lost in my career and contacted The Citrine Agency because I needed help carving out a path forward. I am so happy that I found Melissa! She was incredibly helpful."

Maria C.

"I feel like I've built a toolkit with Melissa that has helped me to be more confident in and self-aware of my own power and strength empathic, she gently challenges me to reallydive deeper into my goals"

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